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Ladies and Gentlemen – Looks Like We Have the Best Song OF THE YEAR (and It’s Only June)

June 5, 2011

Well, that was quick, wasn’t it?  WOW.  Everyone (namely us) have been so distracted by the never-ending X Factor Tweedycole-gate saga that Nicola Roberts managed to drop this yesterday without it making international headlines everywhere where good music is held dear.

Now, the word amazing doesn’t get thrown around lightly in these parts (n.b. the word amazing does indeed get thrown around lightly in these parts, but that’s neither here nor there) but this song Ladies and Gentlemen is, indeed, amazing.  AMAZING even.

When the first 23 seconds of this leaked a few weeks ago, it seemed impossible that there was any way the finished track could live up to it.  Now, while that may be the case (mainly because a 23 second snippet of the best part of the song played seven times in a row will always trump the finished product with all it’s structurally essential ‘verses’ and such – think about it, how much better would Womanizer be if it were just literally “womanizer woma-womanizer you’re a womanizer oh” etc played on loop for 3:33?  EXACTLY) it’s still pretty fucking brilliant.  Gold Star Team Ginge, Gold Star.

Now, one could spend the rest of the evening dissecting all the many, many brilliant parts that make this not only the most essential pop release of the year, but possibly of the decade to date, but all that reading is taking up valuable time that YOU COULD BE LISTENING TO THE SONG OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is :-

PS – Nicola did a DJ set in Hoxton last night and evidently opened it with Robyn’s Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do.  Now, I thought 2012 was just going to be the year that Nicola Roberts tried to convinced the world that she was the best member of Girls Aloud.  Apparently, it’s the year she shows us all that she is indeed the coolest popstar in the whole entire planet.  WINNING (see image below.  Which is what Nicola looks like, winning, one would imagine.)

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