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The Best Song of The Year Just Got Even Better – Now With Added HAYM!

June 11, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I sincerely apologize.  When I said that THIS was the Best Song Of The Year, I may have spoke too soon.  Now, clearly there is a lesson in here someone about making such sweeping proclamations so early in a calender year, but there’s no time for such trivial matters now.  Because some genius of Stephen Hawking proportions has created a mash-up of the best supporting member of Girls Aloud and the best supporting character of 30 Rock.

Let me present you with Dance To The Beat Of My HAYM :-


Things that we learn from this modern pop masterpiece:-

  1. Angie Jordan should be in EVERYTHING.
  2. Everything is better with HAYM in it (sorry Whole Entire Jewish Community of the World, Ever).
  3. Beat Of My Drum is still a fucking brilliant song.

HERE is a link to a video of Angie Jordan basically saying HAYM over and over again for about fifteen minutes.  AMAZING.

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