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Everything You Need To Know About The Hangover Part II in 355 Words or Less.

June 6, 2011

UGH.  I actually went into this with zero expectations, which was good, because the first one was genuinely kind of amazing.  But, Part II (or, to be fair, the 82 minutes or so that I managed to stay awake for) was only fitfully amusing at best.  It’s basically like someone decided to see whether it was possible to make a movie only 3.74% as good as the previous one.  And, if so, they succeeded.

Which is a real shame because there are some amazing ingredients on the go here.  Ken Jeong (Community) is once again insanely brilliant as the campy, drug-fuelled International Crime Lord Mr Chow.


I don’t know where this Mason Lee fellow came from, playing the misplaced soon to be Brother In Law (with the soon to be misplaced ring finger), but I wish it was IN MY PANTS.  Now, asian men normally aren’t really my bag (I’ve only ever knowingly slept with one in my whole ten year sexual career to date) but this little fella is super sexy.


To be fair, Zach Galifianakis was still as hilariously deadpan and absurd as overgrown man-child Alan.


But there is only one real reason worth seeing The Hangover Part II and that reason is Crystal The Monkey.  He smokes!  He steals!  He deals drugs!  AMAZING.  The one inspired comic creation of the whole sequel, he’s also imbued with a certain soulfulness that is both unexpected and also completely lacking from any human character in the whole entire movie.  Basically, The Hangover Part III should revolve completely around him.  Maybe they could get Glee’s Lord Tubbington and Puss In Boots from the Shrek movies to play his new best friend and they could go on wacky criminal adventures together, like a half CGI’d Three Stooges.  Because it would still make more sense than 90% of this movie.


So, yeah.  The Hangover Part II – not completely awful, but that’s about it.  Here’s the trailer for you to decide for yourselves :-

Also, there’s an AMAZING Jonas Brothers joke right at the very end that I was literally the only person in the theatre who laughed at, but it was that funny that I basically did enough laughing for 150 people.

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