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Nicola Roberts Unleashes Official ‘Best Song of 2011’, Also Stakes Serious Claim for ‘Best Use of Animated Sperm in a Pop Video Clip’..

September 3, 2011

The phrase ‘Best Song of the Year’ can often get thrown around a little lightly on the interwebs, this blog included, sadly.  Sure, there was a time when it appeared that Gaga’s Judas was going to save pop, or Nicola’s own Beat Of My Drum.  And, when the time comes for Glenny to do his annual Best Songs Of 2011 round up spectacular, he is amenable to putting Adele’s Rolling In The Deep in the coveted #1 slot (are you listening Makersten, ARE YOU LISTENING?).

But it’s so rare that something so pure, so joyous and so utterly unique rises to the top of the slowly simmering melting pot that is modern day pop, and Nicola Roberts’s upcoming release Lucky Day is just that.  A infectiously and oh so British summery romp of a song, it’s so outrageously uplifting that Meth Dealers everywhere are fearing for the jobs.

And the video is just ADORABLE.  Seriously, this woman has already given us the best mash-up of the year, the best song the Ting Tings never recorded, the best song title and pop lyric of the year – Disco Blisters and a Comedown’s “Why do the lights in the Kebab Shop make this guy look less hot – he’s looking like John Prescott” – and b-sides better than most of The Saturdays official releases to date.  Is their nothing Nicola Roberts can’t do?  You have to wonder if she spends her time sitting down in some fluffy pink lair in Runcorn quietly plotting how she can take over the music world next, like some sort of Pop World version of Ozymandias.

Because what is not to like?  CMON PEOPLE!  The video has :-

  • Gloriously summery New York street scenes before the whole city turned into the set of a giant Jake Gyllenhaal Disaster Movie

  • The best random synchronized hoochie dancers this side of a Jenna Maroney European Club Smash.

  • Animated graphics of Sperm

  • Leopard Print Granny Pants

  • and The most heartbreakingly poignant and adorable hair flick in the history of pop music at the 2:33 mark.  


(On the other hand, feels kind of dirty now their is literally a file labelled ‘Nicola Sperm’ on the hard drive til the end of time.  Try explaining that one to the kids!  Sheesh..  Actually, ‘Nicola Panties’ is pretty weird as well.  *sigh*)

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