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Nicola Roberts B-Sides are Already Better Than Half of the Years Official Releases..

July 8, 2011

Nicola Roberts dropped the second b-side today for upcoming (second best) song of the year Beat Of My Drum this morning and expectations for upcoming album Cinderella’s Eyes just reached an even more fevered pitch.  Now, not only is Disco Blisters and a Comedown a contender for song title of the year, but it features the AMAZING line in the chorus of “Why do the lights in the kebab shop make this guy look less hot?  He’s looking like John Prescott..”

Which, basically, means he looks something like this :-

Or, worse even, this :-

Clearly, either way, one of the best pop putdowns of the year.  Take note Gaga, take note..

The song itself is kind of brilliant as well, which makes you almost fearful for the quality of the upcoming album if the two tracks leaked to date are only good enough to be b-sides.  This clearly could shape up to be the BEST POP ALBUM OF ALL TIME.  Kind of like how Born This Way was meant to be but wasn’t.

iTunes exclusive b-side Porcelain Heart was already a piece of moody electro-pop brilliance, all tinkly piano before building into a borderline trancey piece of amazingness.  Kind of like the thing Goldfrapp used to be so good at before they stopped being good at it.

Here’s Porcelain Heart :-

And here’s Disco Blisters And A Comedown :-


And to think, THESE ARE JUST B-SIDES PEOPLE!  Although, hopefully, it’s not going to be like when The Aloud held Hoxton Heroes and Memory Of You off Tangled Up and Out Of Control respectively just to sell more singles and get additional publicity for each single campaign.  Because when great pieces of music are left off albums proper for blatantly commercial reasons is THE WORST.

Now, let’s get this to Number One People!

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