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Video of Kathy Beth Terry’s Last Friday Night Surfaces, Makes You Want To Party at Rebecca Black’s House

June 15, 2011

Well, it looks like one Miss Kathy Beth Terry is slowly piecing together the pieces of Last Friday Night, much in the style of The Hangover or Guy Pearce in Memento.  Instead of tattoos, polaroids and misplaced Mike Tyson cameos, however, she’s been helpfully aided by a series of youtube videos and a Katy Perry music video, which surfaced last (Tuesday) night.

Om nom nom, etc..

It has to be said that it would have been damned near impossible for this clip to live up to the comedic genius of her series of Kathy Beth Terry youtube postings this past week and, in all fairness, this falls slightly short.  Mostly because even the almighty Queen of Emotionally Affecting Goofiness herself, Kristen Wiig, would have struggled to top the desperately touching brilliance of said clips.  But it’s damned close.

Featuring well-placed cameos from everyone from Rebecca Black to Corey Feldman, Debbie Gibson, Hanson, Kenny G, Darren Criss and that wheelchair guy from Glee it’s a drunken 80’s pastiche spectacular of the best kind.  Bonus points for having everything from a Blow-Up Doll, hot shirtless dudes, an unexplained chicken and some good old vomiting in Roller Skates to keep things raucously moving along.  Oh, and she gets makeover from Rebecca Black – AMAZING (Ms Black is actually hilarious in this.  Makes you wonder what she could do with some proper styling and a song and music video that cost more than ten bucks).  This is definitely one party you’d want to remember!

Enjoy :-

(The song is pretty fucking good as well)

Bonus Points for the scene at the end where Kathy Beth tries to blame the whole thing on Rebecca Black.  One of the highlights of my life to date is hearing Corey Feldman and Debbie Gibson (playing the part of Kathy Beth’s Mom Tiffany) say the line – “Now Rebecca Black is a nice girl, I don’t think she would have started this Honey..”  Actually, watching Rebecca Black give Kathy Beth a hilariously OTT makeover and do The Robot in a (surprisingly well danced) Dance Off were both pretty spectacular as well..

From this point on, consider me firmly on Team Rebecca Black

Basically, if someone were to pitch a summer Buddy Movie starring Katy Perry, Rebecca Black and Debbie Gibson, it would hardly be the worst idea in the history of mankind..

Also, whoever came up with this picture is the biggest genius since whoever signed Nicola Roberts up for a solo record deal :-


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