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Why Everybody Should Be Friends With Kathy Beth Terry

June 9, 2011

When Katy Perry first announced that she was releasing Last Friday Night (TGIF) as the new single from non-stop hit-athon Teenage Dream, it was met with the exact same reaction that has greeted every single single since the title track – namely, “Why aren’t you just releasing Circle The Fucking Drain already Woman!”

But then, much in the fashion of my beloved Chloe Sevigny, it came to my attention that I love Last Friday Night.  It’s a bonafide fizzy pop spectacular full on tongue in cheek idiosyncratic Perry lyrical asides like “I smell like a mini bar” and “Is this a hickey or a bruise” that shouldn’t work but do.  And it’s catchier than crabs, which is an important, important thing in a pop tune these days.

The best part of the whole campaign though is little Kathy Beth Terry, who popped up on facebook earlier this week bemoaning her lack of facebook friends, how she accidently gets high of her inhaler dosage and professing her love for all things Devon Sawa, Hanson and, of course, JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS.

Check out Kathy Beth Terry on Facebook HERE.

Sure, Perry isn’t the first celebrity to have an alter ego – Madonna had Dita in the 90’s, Beyonce keeps banging on about Sasha Fierce (which really shouldn’t count since, even if you include Sasha, that still only leaves Ms Knowles with one personality, tops) and Bowie obviously had Ziggy for most of last century.  But Kathy Beth Terry is first one you would actually want to be friends with.  The V-Logs she’s been posting are just inspired.  Check it out below :-

Don’t you just want to reach into the screen and hug her (and maybe fix her hair)?  Completely adorable.  And kudo’s to Perry for her comedic chops – in 1:08 minutes, she’s already accomplished more than at least half of this year’s SNL line up has managed to.  Decked out in adorably dorky glasses and prohibition era dental gear, Perry manages to imbue Terry (see what they did there!) with not just awkward charm but a real determination and likeability that steers her out of cheap caricature territory.  And the series of videos she’s posting daily are increasingly hilarious. 

Plus, you’ve got to give Perry props.  By the fifth single stage of an album campaign, most artists are either creating arbitrary re-releases to bleed fans of cash (Rihanna), or phoning it in with cheap live videos (Madonna), not creating viral video’s that actually artistically and creatively complement the project, not just promote it.

Gold Star Katy Perry, Gold Star.  And Kathy Beth – call me?  We’ll do lunch.  Then we can braid each others hair and fight over who gets to marry JTT.  It’ll be AMAZING.


** Make sure you sign up to her facebook page by the way – the daily video she’s posting are GOLD.

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