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Single White Meals : The Three Minute Omelette Edition

June 8, 2011

Since I’ve now lost 9kg’s these past three months and am officially a Dieting Guru etc etc, I thought I’d share one of my favourite, tastiest, most easiest to make breakfast for us working girls on the go.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to the wonder of the Three Minute Omelette.

Now, I’m a big savoury foods boy and find breakfast the hardest time of day to get through without having something fatty or super salty and carborific.  It’s all either Bacon and Hash Browns or Peanut Butter or Vegemite Toast, otherwise I’m not that satisfied and I’m ravenous about an hour later. 

So this is a little idea my Mum gave me one day that is pretty awesome and retarded easy to make on the go.  Literally, it takes three and a half minutes TOPS to make from fridge to plate and it’s both satisfying for those wanting a tasty breakfast and it keeps you feeling full for hours and hours.


2 x Eggs
1 x Small Handful of Sliced Mushrooms
1 x Small slice of Cheddar, crumbled (just by hand as you add to the bowl is quickest)
5 x Cherry Tomatoes, halved



* You don’t really need anything but the eggs and maybe some salt and pepper, so you could add / subsitute Sliced Chicken or Ham (HAYM) for the Mushrooms for example.  Same for the Cherry Tomatoes. 
* You don’t actually need the Cheddar either, it’s quite tasty without it.  I often skip it as, like 2 in 5 Single Gay Men, I can’t be trusted with making a Block of Cheddar last for more than 24 hours, tops.

STEP ONE – Break the 2 Eggs into a microwave-safe bowl.  Whisk lightly for a few seconds with a fork.

STEP TWO – Add Sliced Mushrooms and crumble the Cheddar over it.  Stir for literally a second or two to mix it in.  You should have THIS :-



STEP THREE – Put it in the Microwave (uncovered is fine) for 1 minute.

STEP FOUR – Stir.  Microwave for a further minute.  Whilst this is happening, chop up a couple of Cherry Tomatoes and arrange on the plate.  Arrange can be a euphemism for dump haphazardly, depending on your propensity for artful arrangement of semi-fruit first thing in the morning.

STEP FIVE – Remove eggs from the Microwave.  Now, depending on your personal preference, you may put them in for an additional 20-30 seconds (Mum doesn’t, I tend to – but I hate hate hate even mildly runny eggs).  Plate up. 



And Voila!  A hot, savoury, filling breakfast with no more than 10-15 grams of fat and a buttload of protein to keep you feeling full all morning.  If this takes you more than 3:30 to make, then you most likely have a learning disability.  Scratch that.  Even someone with a learning disability could make this in less than 3:30..


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