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So, You Had Sex With a 23 Year Old Police Officer..

October 28, 2012

Things Glenny Has Learnt in the Last Two Hours (WARNING – They’re all inappropriate) :-


01 – After a decade of vehement opposition, it turns out that younger men are actually underrated. They’re just so doofy and sweet and, well, …enthusiastic. Seriously. I’m becoming a Cougar now. Can I do that? I mean, if it’s good enough for Courteney Cox and her scary pillow face, it’s good enough for me, right?

Actually, it’s good because it makes you raise your game, so to speak.  It’s funny, as you mature sexually, things that were fun and exciting say the first hundred become less so, and you tend to stop putting the effort into the little things (I don’t mean midgets, or Asian Men, but you know).  Seeing things through someone else’s less jaded eyes is a real awakening.  Refreshing even.  It’s just nice to be around someone that is still genuinely, well, nice.


02 – No matter how sexy it looks in all those movies over the years, nothing prepares you for how disconcerting it is to keep seeing a loaded gun and a pair of handcuffs sitting on your nightstand while you’re, you know..  Especially considering trained police officers are about the only people (besides Chuck Norris, obvs) who could easily beat Glenn in a fight.  Gay Porn has lied to me all these years, basically.  Seriously, for nigh on sixty minutes I kept noticing a loaded weapon and a pair of handcuffs sitting there and, honestly, it didn’t do the wonders for my raging hard on that I’d always kind of expected.  I mean, it didn’t kill it either, but it made me a little nervous, I have to say.


03 – A more muscular, Australian version of Rob C from Survivor : Amazon is even sexier than I could have possibly ever imagined.  Like, I didn’t even know such a thing existed.  Now, everyone who knows me knows I love me nerdy looking men, so to find a muscular, official crime-fighting version of one is just a total win.  Must make sure to not get confused and ask him about whether he regrets not winning that Immunity Challenge at the Final 3 though – caught myself twice..

So, anyway, that’s enough of me being a whore for one night.  How was YOUR weekend?

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  1. November 26, 2012 9:05 pm

    WELL. That post was actually classier than I had expected.

    Meanwhile, my weekend/love life:

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