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True Blood Releases First Six Minutes of Season 4 Online; Makes Last Sixty Minutes of Season 3 Forgivable..

June 7, 2011

Yesterday, HBO decided to progressively leak the opening six minutes of the upcoming season 4 premiere of True Blood online.  Normally, this kind of move is reserved for a new show to build up an audience.  In this case, it was a televisual apology for subjecting fans to a season finale full of faeries, non-sensical plot twists and low-budget drug flashbacks.  Not to mention that Alcide did not get naked ONCE in the season finale and everytime they crossed to Sookie’s Wonderful Adventures In Faeryland, it looked like a tampon commercial produced by Salvador Dali.  Plus, it featured Tara repeatedly and she is just THE WORST.


So, basically, like many watching, I was ready to ditch True Blood.  For the last season, True Blood has been like my abusive televisual spouse.  It just keeps getting worse and worse, but I keep watching.  And then telling the neighbours the next day that I just walked into a door.  But no more I said, no more. Faeries, really?  No one thought it might be a good idea to actually kill Russell, for real?  Bill and Queen Sophie Anne are busy auditioning for parts as a low rent vampire Neo and Trinity in some straight to video Matrix knockoff?


Anyway, True Blood was basically dead to me.  But then these six minutes appeared.  And it got kind of awesome.  Now, I’m not going to spoil what the upswing of Sookie appearing in a supernatural tampon commercial is, but it’s well worth watching right to the end :-

Also, has anyone else noticed how Tara’s (AWFUL) new hair makes her look like a cross between a sunburnt Russell and Lafayette’s weird ass drug fantasy talking dolls (Man – even his drug hallucinations are super gay.  Ugh.)


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  1. Chris Seed permalink
    June 8, 2011 8:29 pm

    ah Glenny, you always crack me up! Have to see the clip now & you’re so right re Tara, I want to stap her thru the tv!

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