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An Open Letter to Ryan Murphy..

May 19, 2011

Dear Ryan Murphy,

Good work on the Rumours episode last night.  As a hardcore Fleetwood Mac fan from back in the womb, it was done really well.  You should consider firing everyone in the cast and just getting Kristin Chenoweth to sing everything from now on – you could rebrand the show something like The Kristin Chenoweth Super Fun Happy Hour.  Or something.

So, now that season two is coming to a close, it had occurred to me that you’ve missed one major musical opportunity.  Namely, where is my 2:42 of Naya Rivera strolling the halls of McKinley High singing the amazing super tramp (as opposed to Supertramp) anthem There Are Worse Things I Could Do?

Imagine :-

Seriously?  AMAZING.  It would suit her voice perfectly.  I know you don’t really care about getting characters to sing songs that have any relevance whatsoever to their narrative arcs anymore but this would suit where Santana is at the moment to a tee.  Just sayin’..

Please keep this in mind and credit me accordingly,


PS – Quinn singing the following to Rachel Berry would, again, be PERFECT.

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