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Taylor Swift Releases New Music Video, Gets Even More Adorable..

May 9, 2011

Well, as you may have heard, the most famous and exciting woman in pop music today released her latest music video epic this weekened, making headlines everywhere.  No, we’re not talking but Lady Gaga but little Taylor Swift, whose quest to be the single most adorable person on the face of the whole entire planet continues unabated.

Whilst the clip to Mean isn’t some big sexed up catholic church-bating production and features a total count of zero guest rappers randomly interjecting throughout it, it does feature something so few female popstars remember to bring these days – a simple clip buoyed by sheer charm, charisma and showmanship.

Mean might not be an example of Swift’s surprisingly gifted songwriting at its most unabashedly catchy, earnestly romantic or eloquently devastating and breathtaking (the songs “..I’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town” middle eight is still pretty much the best thing anyone committed to record in 2010, FACT).  But it’s a rollickingly fun example of Swift’s gifted storytelling abilities at their most relaxed and enjoyable.

Bonus points too for a video that doesn’t rely on fifty costume changes, special effects or a budget that could fund a small country.  While I’m not advocating completely going back to 1983 and having everyone get their Bananarama on by just jumping around in front of a white sheet in some old overalls, it’s refreshing to watch someone who can still sell a video with just a smile and a nod and a confidence in their own performance skills.  While this may not be the most innovative clip ever, it’s just so simple and enjoyable and, well, dang charming.. Enjoy!

URGH.  I keep updating that youtube link with current ones but, if it’s not working, try THIS!

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