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Single White Meals : Chicken Breast stuffed with Feta and Rosemary with Pan-Fried Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes and Yellow Squash

May 9, 2011

I wasn’t actually planning on blogging about this little fella (hence the lack of photos), but it was just so damned delicious and easy to make (except for the fun part where I *kind of* set off the smoke alarm in my apartment for a minute) that I thought I would put it up here..  Was just a little something that I came up with whilst wandering the aisles at the grocery store at 9pm last night and only took about fifteen minutes from fridge to plate.  As Charlie Sheen would say, Winning.


1 x 300g Chicken Breast
1 x Small Block of Feta, sliced thinly (1-2mm thick)
1 x Sprig of Fresh Rosemary (dried will do if you have it handy slash want to keep costs down)
1 x Lemon, juiced
1 x Punnet of Cherry Tomatoes
1 x Bunch of Fresh Asparagus
3 x Baby Yellow Squash
Olive Oil
Soy Sauce
1 x Bottle of good Merlot
Step One

Open bottle of Merlot.  Pour a Big Glass.  Drink from frequently..

Step Two

Using a small sharp knife, gently slice into the side of the Chicken Breast until you get to just past centre.  Stuff in 3 or 4 slices of Feta and chopped Rosemary to taste.

Step Three

Heat oil in pan, add the Chicken Breast and cook on a high heat for 4 minutes.  Drizzle with olive oil, a pinch of rosemary and several tablespoons on fresh lemon juice.

Step Four

Chop the Asparagus in half and the Yellow Squash into sixths or eighths (depending on size).  Heat oil in a second pan on medium – medium high heat and add to pan.  Add a tablespoon or 2 of Lemon Juice.

Step Five

Flip the Chicken Breast over and cook other side.  At this point, you’ll be glad that you only sliced instead of crumbled the Feta as it stays nicely inside the chicken instead of spilling all over the pan in some sort of Frying Pan-saster!  Leave to fry for another 5-6 minutes depending on size and personal taste

Step Six

Chop Cherry Tomatoes in half at the stem.  Add to pan with vegetables and splash with Soy Sauce and more Lemon Juice.  A pinch or two rosemary wouldn’t go astray either.  Basically, cooking time wise, you only want the tomatoes in for half of the time as squash and asparagus.  4:8 Minutes works well for me and the overall recipe, but depends how crisp you like your asparagus..

Step Seven

Top up your glass with more Merlot.  Remember – you have a whole bottle to get through as nobody likes yesterdays wine..

Step Eight

Everything should be cooked by now.  Arrange vegetables on plate as artfully as you deem fit.  Crumbling some remaining Feta over them doesn’t go astray either because there’s pretty much nothing in life that isn’t better with added Feta.  Place Chicken Breast on bed of vegetables and drizzle with extra juice from vegetable pan (it’s DELICIOUS).

Step Nine

Om nom nom, etc..

Not bad for something that has almost no carbs (unless you eat half a pack of refrigerated Mint Slice biscuits afterwards for dessert WHICH I DID) and only takes 15 minutes tops to make from start to finish including all prep and plating up time.

Good For :- When Asparagus is on sale; If one of your best friends has had an awful day and you want to cheer them up with a good healthy meal; You don’t really like carbs.

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  1. First TimeCaller, Long Time Listener permalink
    May 10, 2011 6:40 pm

    I wasn’t having an awful day, just a nightmare of a hangover.

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