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Glee Covers Rebecca Black, Brain Explodes With Self Loathing

May 7, 2011

Dear Glee, FUCK YOU.  In honour of American Friday, Glee has leaked a clip of B-Grade boybanders Sam and Artie covering youtube sensation Rebecca Black’s Friday.  As my belovedly underused Mercedes would stay – HELL to the NO!

On the plus side, it’s better than the original but, then again, so is syphillus (not speaking from experience; maybe speaking from experience).  Also, now we know what Friday sounds like with a production that cost more than two quid using a singer that doesn’t make Kim Kardashian sound like, well, Paris Hilton.

Have a listen for yourself and see what you think.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised :-

Now, someone needs to get my man Sam in a boyband, Stat!  Hopefully, that boyband will be IN MY PANTS. (Trouty mouth is such an adorable Dork, which is pretty much the sexiest type of guy, EVER *sighs*).

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