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‘Niggas In Midnight In Paris’* or The Best Mash Up You’ll Hear ALL Year

February 15, 2012

You know that Woody Allen, Kanye West and Jay Z collaboration the world has been DYING for?


*crickets chirp*

..Well, HERE IT IS.  I don’t know who came up with the idea of doing this, but I sure would like some of their Pixie Drink.  This shit is KRAY y’all.  It’s like my two single favourite moments of 2011 having beautiful sex and producing the best pop culture moment of all of 2012.  In FEBRUARY!

* Yes, I know its official title is ‘Niggas In Paris At Midnight’, but my version is better..

The ultimate video of 2012, plus a rundown of its best moment, AFTER THE JUMP..

01 – The way the olde time Parisian music melts in the sickest beat of 2011. (Oh, God, I just used the word sickest.  With a straight face.  I want to punch myself.)
02 – Owen Wilson’s dancing to the I’m Psycho bit..
03 – The quick run through of all the characters getting progressively more shitfaced to the ‘If you escaped what I escaped you’d be in Paris getting fucked up to’ line.  Which, we’ve already pointed out, is the best line in the whole damned song.
04 – The look of abject horror slash confused headbopping on Owen Wilson’s face for the ‘That shit Kray’ breakdown
05 –  Having Alison Pill and Marion Cotillard wrestling in close up for the Mary Kate and Ashley bit.
06 – When Rachel McAdams show up halfway through and ruins everything.  JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE. (No offense to Ms McAdams who was actually a lot better in the movie than the character deserved but, you know, Inez was a total shrew).
07 – Swapping the AMAZEBALLS Blades Of Glory spoken word bit for the equally amazing Ernest Hemingway  ‘Have you ever made love to a truly great woman?’ monologue from the movie.
08 – When it all breaks down at the end in sync with the Belle Epoque  era Moulin Rouge musicians playing Violin.
09 – Sneaking Larry David in at the end.
10 – The part were you can press ‘REPLAY’.

*sigh* I wish this was the real video :-


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