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An Open Letter To Shelly Moore..

August 30, 2011

Dear Shelly,

Hopefully when you get out of the house you’ll get to read this, although I wouldn’t blame you if you never come within 50 feet of the internet again! Mostly I wanted to write something of support coming from someone who is not necessarily your biggest fan and, if anything, is kind of doing a happy dance that Jordan and Rachel just inadvertently got handed at least another week in the house.

Whether people like watching you play or hate watching you play, no one who is a true fan of the game of Big Brother can deny that you played the game EXACTLY how it is designed to be played. You were actually my pre-season newbie pick to win and have continued so all the way through to the last week. And you played to WIN. People forget when they walk into the house that there is a world outside the confines of a CBS soundstage and I really respected that you never lost sight of that. Sure, you had an amazing friendship with Jeff and Jordan that I’m sure you genuinely valued, but that was a relationship that was for two months of your life. Your relationship with your husband and your daughter has been going on for a whole decade. Good for you for never losing sight of that.

Anyway, this is already a ramble-a-palooza, but I just wanted you to know that there are a lot of people who think the crap being heaped on you now is just beyond disgusting. It makes me embarrassed as a reality televsion fan and as a human being. And I say that as someone who is a hardcore Rachel and Jordan fan. I hope from the bottom of my heart that whatever has transpired in the house has no long term effect on your life, your employment or your family. Because even though you definitely overplayed your hand and probably made the mistakes that will most likely get you out in 6th place, none of this has any bearing on the quality of you as a human being. I hope this whole experience doesn’t cause you to feel that the vast majority of people out there in the world watching realize this as much as you do.

All the best once you get out, you definitely deserve it!


The Vast Majority of People out there watching with an IQ over 50.

PS – By the way, Josie is ADORABLE.  And quite savvy and well-spoken for an eight year old.  Her take on the game seems more spot on than a majority of the people playing this season.   The campaign for Josie For Big Brother 14 starts HERE!

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