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Well, the Musical Output of Selena Gomez Isn’t Exactly AWFUL, Is It?

August 4, 2011

Just heard the latest release by tween pop slash Disney starlet slash apparent all round Renaissance Woman Selena Gomez and was quite surprised that it didn’t exactly make me want to kill myself.  Who knew?

Love You Like A Love Song is the lead single of Gomez’s current album called something or other and is, God help me, a delightfully sultry, borderline sleazy electro-pop lite number that is one of the better pop releases of the year to date.  To be fair, it’s been a right shitty year for decent pop music so far (we’re looking at you Cher Lloyd), but this is a real pleasant surprise.  Listening to it is akin to that first time you heard See You Again by Miley Cyrus and realised that she’s not exactly the musical Antichrist after all.  Or, if she is, at least the musical Antichrist released one of the best written pop songs of the last decade, which makes the idea of said impending Popocalypse that much more bearable..

And, worse – the video is kind of awesome.  Sure, I’m not quite sure why she’s macking on Teen Fabio, but anything that utilises a Japanese Karaoke Bar is alright in our books.  Here it is :-


That voice is pretty ace, eh?  Quite smokey and sultry, almost seems at odds coming out of the body of a PG-13 Bratz Doll.  It’s a shame that her facial expressions don’t quite match the quality..

Sure, A Year Without Rain is basically When Love Takes Over for the under eighteen set but, really, is that such a bad thing?  I mean, who wants to live in a world where The Under 18 Set DOESN’T deserve their very own watered down version of a modern-day club pop classic?  Another track that is about 173% better than it has any right to be, Gomez sings convincingly and it’s catchy as fuck, even if having a teenager basically sing about how her man gets her wet is a little uncomfortable, when you think about it.

Bonus Points for the video, which takes a delightfully abstract approach to the meteorologically inclined lyrics.  OH.  Wait..

(It’s obviously paint by lyric numbers 101 but still – it’s PRETTY.)  ENJOY :-


Although I haven’t really listened to this one much yet, I just realised that it’s been about 17 entries since I’ve written something about The Tweedycole, and you all know how much I love being predictable..  Gomez pretty much seems to do a cover of Chezza’s hit Parachute in all of her concerts.  Which is cool, even if it’s pretty much The Tweedycole’s weakest single.  This one below is quite nice vocally (PLUS SHE’S WEARING A PRETTY DRESS) although this one has a really cute intro that’s kind of on the adorable side :-


So anyway, yeah.  Turns out liking the music of Selena Gomez isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world.   Gold star.

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