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October 1, 2012

Finally, after what seemed like literally days (DAYS) had gone by without the internet being flooded with some sort of unreleased material, Authentic Chanteuse Lana Del Rey (TM Popjustice) has officially released new single ‘Ride’.  From the soon to be released ‘Paradise’ edition of debut Born To Die, it’s an exhilarating 176 BPM curveball about being happily in love aimed firmly at the Dancefloor packed with reference to thoroughly modern things like Twitter, Obama and the movie Looper.

Or, alternately, it’s yet another retro-epic gloomathon in the vein of Video Games, Blue Jeans and, well, pretty much every other track that she’s done lately ever.  That being said, if there is anyone who does overblown, depressing gloomathons well, it’s Portishead.


I mean Lana Del Rey.

Have a listen :-


Sarcasm aside, the song is actually pretty good.  Sure, it’s one minute too long and about two hooks too short, but it’s beautiful in a overlong majestic 1950’s Cherry Pie kinda way.  Basically, it kind of ambles on harmlessly for a few minutes before finally arriving at the middle eight where it gets officially eight kinds of amazing.

“I’m tired of feeling like I’m fucking crazy
I’m tired of driving til I see stars in my eyes
I look up to hear myself saying
Baby too much I strive, I just Ride..”

Seriously, it’s brilliant.  As the almighty Catherine Zeta Jones would say – “You’re right, the first part’s shit.  But the second part?  The second part is REALLY nifty..”  You have to hear it to understand, but the way she sings ‘Fucking Crazy’ and drags it out, enunciating every single syllable for about ten seconds each, like some sort of operatically-inclined wannabe Florence Welch drama school reject.  It’s AMAZING.  And the chorus really kicks in after that.  It may have taken seven listens according to my iPod, but it finally clicked with me.  I wouldn’t quite say it reaches the same dizzying heights as Driving In Cars With Boys, Never Let Me Go or some of the other leaked tracks that were recorded and rejected for the Born To Die project, but it does help make the Paradise edition look more ‘Fame Monster’ and less ‘Every Other Cynical ReRelease That Came Out This Year’ (we’re looking at YOU Katy Perry).

In other Lana news, she also recorded a fabulous video of her standing against a wall trying hard to look like she’s not trying hard to look like she’s trying too hard, while snippets of the new songs play.  It’s all well and good, BUT WHAT THE FUCK HAS SHE DONE TO THE ARRANGEMENT OF ‘YAYO’?

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  1. liam permalink
    October 4, 2012 8:40 pm

    Finally back! Thought you had died and I really appreciate your blogging!

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