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The Secret Life of an American Gay Hoarder – Tori Spelling Edition

August 1, 2011

Now, Tori Spelling is known for a lot of things – Beverly Hills 90210, Reality TV, Being the Walking Human Definition of Nepotism – but A Talented Comedian?  Not necessarily one of them..

Which is a shame, as loyal viewers of one-season wonder So NoTORIous can attest, because she’s actually a really funny gal.  And not just in a “Hey – I surgically implanted two coconut shells down my chest because I thought it would be amusing’ kind of way either..   Say what you want about Tori Spelling, but you can’t knock the fact that she’s very self-aware and has a real and healthy sense of humor about herself.

And that’s what makes her recent Funny Or Die Hoarders spoof so damned hilarious.  Spoofs are an easy thing for an actor to play, you pretty much can’t go wrong, but this clip is (albeit stereotypically) HILARIOUS.   And both Tori, Dean and her two kind of adorable children do SUCH  a good job.  The Clay Aiken cameo, on the other hand, makes me want to throw up a little, but thems the brokes.

Anyway, without further ado, here is Tori Spelling in the unforgivably hilarious Funny Or Die clip  The Secret Life Of An American Gay Hoarder :-

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