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Britney Leaks New Hot Mess of a Gimme More Video Online; Renders Previous Hot Mess of a Gimme More Clip Obsolete..

July 19, 2011

Everybody remembers the Gimme More video clip being released in 2007.  It’s like the Britney Spears equivalent of Madonna’s Like A Prayer except, instead of Sexy Black Jesus and Cancelled Multi-Million Pepsi Contracts, it was drugged out dancing, sluggish stripteases and the worst set of ill-fitting wigs this side of Cher in Burlesque.  But, as a Britney Spears pop culture moment, it was one of the most defining.

Then, a few weeks later, we got the amazingly dead-eyed MTV Awards performance (which, for the record, she looked kinda sexy in) and a twelve month rollercoaster of head-shaving, property destroying, psychiatric ward-courting brilliance.  The fact that this all coincided with what is arguably the one start to finish flawless piece of music that Spears has ever released is one of the big conundrums of the music industry at large.  If the woman only produces reliably creative pop music when she’s going B-A-N-A-N-A-S, why are we trying to keep her away from the lines of crushed up Adderall?

Basically, the 2007 clip for Gimme More is the four minutes that the phrase ‘Hot Mess’ was coined to describe.  Rumors have long persisted that Spears literally funded and shot the clip on a whim herself one weekend, hence the joyously coked out amateur hour feel of the whole thing.  Still, one has always wondered how it made it through the record company assembly line and into the public consciousness.  It’s at least comforting to know that the original clip was ever so less ridiculously awful.  Sure, she’s still staggering around like a two bit hooker stuck in a K-hole, but at least it works as a clip, albeit one with the production values of a Rebecca Black video.

Anyways, without further ado, here is the ‘Directors Cut’ of the infamous Gimme More video :-


Also, if you’ve never listened to Blackout before, it’s an genuinely AMAZING piece of singular producer driven pop music.   Piece Of Me, Toy Soldier, Heaven On Earth and Why Should I Be Sad are all brilliant examples of everything that is good with modern music.

And HERE’S the original if you want to play a fun game of Spot The Difference.  You know, without the fun :-

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