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A Belated Mothers Day Post, Because My Mother Is AWESOME.

May 17, 2011

Actually meant to post this two weeks ago, but seem to have forgotten slightly.  Now, I’m no expert in “time zones” but, from my (very) limited knowledge, I’m pretty sure that it has to be Mothers Day SOMEWHERE in the world right now, so am sure it’s fine.  Right?

When this album first came out two years ago, I dismissed this track as being some sort of misplaced ode to stodgy takeaway food or, at best,  modern day racial servitude.  Then I thought it was a cutely mundane love song.  After reading more about the album, I discovered it was actually an ode to her Mother and it immediately became the second best Lily Allen song in existence (after, clearly, The Fear).

An absolutely gorgeous shimmering observation of all the wonderfully comforting things a parental figure always provides, it’s just one of those tracks that makes me feel like warm and safe and truly happy.  Have been listening to it a lot again lately on MyPod, and thought it was well worth sharing..


You can find the lyrics HERE.

Hopefully I can write a song for my Mum one day half as good as this.  That would make me an immeasurably happy man.  FACT.

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  1. Your Mum permalink
    May 18, 2011 6:56 pm

    You don’t need to write a song about me, cos I know how much you love me. And besides, what happens if I didn’t like what you wrote, that could be really disastrous wouldn’t it !!!!! Better go and listen to what young Lily wrote!


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