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Seven Year Old Asian Boy is Awesome, Renders Needs to Ever Watch Burlesque Again Obsolete..

February 19, 2011

Thanks to Best Week Ever for the heads up!

WATCH THIS IF YOU LIKE THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME. Well, things that are disturbing but awesome.

Things that are totally messed up in this clip :-

* The kid’s parents for ever letting this on the interwebs.

* Their odds of ever getting a naturally conceived grandchild.

* The fact Christina TOTALLY got owned by a seven year old drag queen.

* That the kid has clearly been on the same Krispy Kreme binge diet Xtina has been on since Burlesque wrapped.

Also, just when you think that nothing could possibly funnier than Cher’s face and Christina’s acting in Burlesque, this comes along and trumps both in the comedy stakes. Plus, you can’t help but love the fact that there’s a 87% chance that indeed that is a seven wear old asian boy in drag, but there’s still a 13% chance it’s actually a 45 year midget woman looking for attention..  And life is always that much sweeter when there’s a 13% chance of midgets..

Now, if this kid can just release a cd of half-baked futuristic electro-pop and sell more than 117 copies, he will have totally surpassed Christina’s recording career this decade as well.  Basically, going forward, he should replace her in EVERYTHING.

Here’s the original to help you appreciate the geniusness of all of this more :-

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