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Jill Zarin Tries Hand at Catwalk Modelling, Becomes Centre of Orbit for Gay Cosmic Debris..

February 17, 2011

Thanks to B-Side for the heads up!

Right this very second, it’s Fashion Week in New York City.  And who better than beleaguered Real Housewives of New York City yenta Jill Zaaarrrrrriiiin to send down the runaway to represent, right?

Well, thankfully designer Zang Toi agreed..  And kadoo’s to Jill, after basically spending the 2010 television season being the most hated woman on cable, she’s making the most of her Frankel-free year by looking absolutely faboosh!  Sure, she’s still looking suspiciously ‘refreshed’ (although maybe that’s just because all the excess skin is twisted up into her hairdo), but she’s rocking the dress and, unlike Ramona last year, she doesn’t look like she’s been sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor.

Most of all, we’re totally digging the simple, sleek pulled back do.  Oh, wait, what’s that?  OH NO! It looks like giant stray ball of Polyestor Hairweave has been drawn into Jill’s gravitational pull and has fixed itself into a firm orbit around her head.

Let’s zoom in for a closer look :-

Poor Jill.  This is worse than that time she threw an ice-skating party and stacked it in front of eeeeeeeeevvvvvvverrryone.  On the plus side, she now basically has a storage container stuck to the side of her head big enough to permanently house Ginger Zarin, should she need any nose cleaning on the fly..

So, what exactly does a Real Housewife of New York City do when she’s got a gay storage container fixed to her head.  We sent a field reporter in for a look.  Upon closer inspection, we discovered the following also stored safely in the Polyestor Hairball of Doom :-

* Wonder Dog Extraordinaire – Ginger Zarin

* All the Excess Facial Skin that seems to have vanished over the holiday break..

* Missing Season 3 Castmate Jennifer Gilbert

* 170 Cartons of remainder stock of Secrets Of A Jewish Mother

* A sense of smug self-satisfaction that, no matter what, she knows she looks better than Ramona did last year

* Once-worn Teal Louboutins with Price Tag still attached ready to return to Saks

* The entire cast of Ru Paul’s Drag Race

* Andy Cohen’s ability to effectively host a live TV Show

* Lady Gaga preparing to hatch for her next television performance

* AND, best of all, the whole thing is swathed in all the quality Zaaaaaaarrrrrriiiiiiiin Faaaaaaaabrics you could ever need!

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